Daniel González, knows as SWOG, is a Spanish Artist from Salamanca.

He has one of Europe’s biggest electronic music channels with more than 450.000 subscribers up to date. This made him sum the astonishing number of 3 million views on average per month and more than 40 million views in the year 2019 with over 23 million views in one of their largest edits.

These mashups have been supported by the most recognized DJs and have been played in some of the greatest festivals around the world like Ultra Music Festival, Waterzonic, or S2O among others.


Also, SWOG stands out for his dynamic and energetic sets in which they mix huge hits or hip-hop/trap with the best selection of Bass Music.

Moreover, this emerging artist is starting to release their original music, which will be a breaking point in his music career. In the next years, SWOG will push hard to be located among the major references in the bass music scene. 


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